Tension Fabric Displays, for Trade Shows

1. To understand the use of Tension Fabric Displays in international Trade Shows

To understand is always the first priority to use Tension Fabric Displays in business Trade Show. Especially in the American market to enter the international business, in addition to the human structure and the operation of the localization of the market, the core is to understand the American consumers.

Of course, with the continuous development of Tension Fabric Displays, people are also close to the way of Trade Show setup in the world.  However, those deep-rooted national use of old school pop up trade show display is still difficult to change. So Kentucky Fried Chicken in the American market need to consider to print fritters, preserved eggs, porridge and other American characteristics Food on the Tension Fabric Displays

International companies take root in United States formula, we can understand: brand advantage adhere to + localization = successful international companies, Kentucky Fried Chicken will adhere to their own fast food fried chicken food culture, will set up United States Health Food Committee, employing more than 10 domestic Experts as the backing of food development, from how to adapt to the American people’s tastes, diet, dining habits, consumption characteristics and other aspects are based on the “American food”, launched to adapt to the American food tastes. Read more