Custom Feather Flag

H8ft Custom Feather Flag with Pole Kit (FREE! included)

This 8ft Custom Feather Banner Logo Kit will include a 18ft pole kit, a 6ft flag, and a ground spike. This is all you need for a complete set of settings for use in grass or dirt areas. Other installation hardware options are available at the top drop-down options.

The 8ft Feather Banner Logo Kit is also great for small league games, birthday parties, baby showers, and all other indoor and outdoor activities. This custom swooper style logo does not require wind, so it is perfect for indoor use. Messages like "This is a boy" or "It's a girl" are often used for baby bathing. Wedding, bridge and groom's image is used for these feathers flag. They are great and can be easily stored. This 8ft custom banner logo weighs only 6 pounds. Because of its light weight, it can be easily moved from one location to another. In addition, the lightweight and heavy duty 3pc pole kit makes this flutter sign easy to store in a truck or rear seat car.

Professional designer which prefer to customize the Feather Flag with Adobe Illustrator/Photoshop, could skip our ONLINE "CUSTOMIZE IT" and submit the print ready file directly. If you submit artwork. If we are making a layout for you, please send a description along with any picture or logo that you want on the flag. We do not charge for your layout, you only need to provide logo and live images. 8ft Custom Flags are perfect for both indoor use (upgrade to a cross base) or outdoor use (ground pin). These are usually used for trade shows or special events next to booth tables, tents, or to the tents legs. Because this feather flag logo kit is light weight, you can easily pull the tie to use temporarily in many places. This feather flag is also suitable for fundraising activities.

The standard kit includes an indoor or outdoor advertising feather banner that is unilateral backwards. If you want to upgrade to the 2SD logo, select the "Yes" upgrade option. Two-sided banner sign is the two flags stitched back with 100% block in the middle.