Double Sided Feather Flags – advertising strategy 2017

In the past two years, the impact of the Internet on the retail store can be described as overwhelming, in the collective sound of the economy under the atmosphere, do the entity entrepreneurs, business owner and most of the people of the store, one by one on the Internet economy worship, It is a praise, and even WeChat circle of friends have been “Ma said” to fill the full, “Ma chicken soup” has become the people of the “strong pill.” Could retail store use Double Sided Feather Flags to double up the sales?Double Sided Feather Flags | eyeBanner

For a time, entrepreneurs everywhere looking for online marketing elite, dealers quickly settled in Taobao, Lynx, the owner of the retail store due to withstand the low price and high rent costs have closed to the line or Diverted. Custom Double Sided Feather Flags – 20% FREE Ship to USA! EFQUEL might be a good way to win back some sales with the physical exposure created. The people in addition to the mouth of the Internet on the topic, but also around the corner, want to catch the Internet this high-speed rail business success.

During this period, the author also wrote to you some cold water, to avoid the Internet overheated, after all, the country’s economy or rely on the entity. In the first half of 2017, public opinion one-sided situation began to change, this time we also found that everyone is Huyou to the line of what is doing Ma? Although the acquisition of a lot of Internet companies before, but the recent handwriting is all entities, these should be able to explain some of the problems.

With Xu Xiaonian, Wu Xiaobo and other experts in the remarks, the Internet heat is slowly cooling. In fact, a few years ago online sales hot, the main reason is the physical store long time lack of launching promotional program with the cheap Double Sided Feather Flag advertising, lost for the fundamental consumer services, blindly to exploit manufacturers and distributors, fool consumers, and ultimately to the Online sales opportunity. Really should reflect on the physical store, of course, including manufacturers, distributors. Here, the author is more important to the two aspects, to help the boss of the shop under the physical some of the reflection.

Product price listed on Double Sided Feather Flags

All aspects of the profits have to return to normal. Over the years, the entity to promote the cheap price with 2 Sided Feather Banners, the channel to win, manufacturers rely on the team, channels, terminals to compete, the formation of a unique product, the basic fixed pricing system, manufacturers, distributors, stores tripartite profits must be guaranteed, as long as Side of the private heart, the product to the hands of consumers on the higher prices. When the Internet platform after the emergence of online products to consumers feel is cheap, coupled with the Internet every day to promote less dealers, stores these two links, the product price is low, it is Rangli to consumers. Do the entity, let alone talk about the Internet is justified, first to find their own reasons, we can re-consider the product pricing? Manufacturers, distributors, store profits so much so much? Why can not self-adjust? From the profits to adjust to the normal profit should not be difficult, but many people do not want, but with the Internet, you have to think, this is the reshuffle, shuffle is the era of profiteering wash away.

In the past, the store could maximize the profits by lowering the advertising cost from purchasing the marketing materials directly from the Custom Feather Flags Double Sided | eyeBanner wholesale manufacturer, dealers who charge a variety of costs, but also to rent the venue and then outsource to some businesses to earn rent, and sometimes subcontract out of the rent on the overall rent. This business model cannot be made not to make money, but the money is certainly profiteering, and ultimately not to be added to the price of the product which? The store cannot ignore the manufacturers and dealers of life and death, all the costs of all their commitment. Many store tally salaries are borne by the manufacturers and dealers, and stores in addition to the wages of employees, almost no cost.

Dealers are so, each manufacturer’s products and even each product, not enough gross margin is not sold, the pricing is not taken into account the company’s consolidated gross margin and comprehensive profit margins, but by the number of points will not be enough Lose money such a simple logic to product pricing. I believe that dealers can do the company to make money, rather than let each product have to do the same profit margins. Nice pic regarding Feather Flags set up in Memorial Day.

What about manufacturers? The cost of production of raw materials, labor costs, Double Sided Feather Flag advertising costs, marketing costs, production profits, marketing profits will be on each product again, the product has not yet sold, it has all the profits finished, sold as long as How much is to earn how much, but I think this is still some machinery, which should also be the same quality of products, small businesses can always be cheaper than the big reason for the major reasons. I believe that manufacturers should take into account the pricing listed above, but also consider the scale of production and sales brought about by the cost reduction, and truly become the quality of large enterprises, small business prices, which should be consumers Want to see.