Tension Fabric Displays, for Trade Shows

1. To understand the use of Tension Fabric Displays in international Trade Shows

To understand is always the first priority to use Tension Fabric Displays in business Trade Show. Especially in the American market to enter the international business, in addition to the human structure and the operation of the localization of the market, the core is to understand the American consumers.

Of course, with the continuous development of Tension Fabric Displays, people are also close to the way of Trade Show setup in the world.  However, those deep-rooted national use of old school pop up trade show display is still difficult to change. So Kentucky Fried Chicken in the American market need to consider to print fritters, preserved eggs, porridge and other American characteristics Food on the Tension Fabric Displays

International companies take root in United States formula, we can understand: brand advantage adhere to + localization = successful international companies, Kentucky Fried Chicken will adhere to their own fast food fried chicken food culture, will set up United States Health Food Committee, employing more than 10 domestic Experts as the backing of food development, from how to adapt to the American people’s tastes, diet, dining habits, consumption characteristics and other aspects are based on the “American food”, launched to adapt to the American food tastes.

American people love face, talk about comparisons, enjoy to show off, it is because of this crowd characteristics, Mercedes Benz, BMW, Rolls Royce, etc these luxury brands created the unique prosperity of United States luxury market. Similarly, United States commercial system is relatively fragmented, the market operation in many ways is not enough to regulate, many multinational companies in the beginning of the American market, ignoring the American sales channels and market rules of some particularity, will be lost.

All in all, the special insight into the American market, the international giants need to do a solid cross-border homework, but also its pursuit of United States fundamental foundation for success.

2. Leadership for breakthrough innovation – ultra lightweight Tension Fabric Displays

In fact, for international enterprises, the use of Tension Fabric Displays -20% FREE Ship USA! eyeBanners, in world Trade Shows could enjoy great marketing cost savings, due to the significant cost reduction in the logistics.  The international business will show us with enough innovative cross-border strategy and tactics. We look at Coca-Cola this century brand, in United States, from the initial cross-border promotion evolved into a new environment under the cross-social network, cross-border pop culture, the bottle of Variety pattern to show a new trend to lead the power.

According to statistics, in 2014, “double 11” activities that day, UNIQLO day cat flagship store to create 260 million yuan in sales, ranked fifth in the category category. When you enter the Uniqlo shop, take out the phone, scan the bar code, will receive a message, you can see the product details, including product material, price, style, with, some also with the series Of the advertising video, at the bottom of the page can view the store and query the goods. Uniqlo worthy of our place to learn there are many, with designers around the world and artists co-operation of the pattern T-shirt highlights, chefs, food, fashion, music and other elements of the creative integration of UNIQLO APP, even with Starbucks cross-border Joint marketing activities, for American enterprises to open a broader cross-border innovation perspective.

Michael, Glaxo Smith, Wal-Mart, Wal-Mart, Budweiser InBev, Apple, Google … When we focus on this one of the resounding international brands and international giants on top, we see no Should only be one of the leading figure, but should be the courage to break through the innovative forces.

Focus on sharing: American-style cross-border success with Tension Fabric Displays

First with Harvard, after the United States.

Harvard University in the teaching of the biggest feature is the business school bombing case teaching, but these cases are more of the Western developed economy market as the background, the successful experience of Western developed countries is not necessarily suitable for United States, today’s United States Enterprises and the international enterprises in the American market, but also need to explore is in United States is a rising developing countries for product and brand promotion of strategic and tactical path, especially in United States, the localization of cross-border innovation system case study.

“Sales and market cross-border trade show success with Tension Fabric Displays” want to do is to learn from Harvard University case-sharing model, and the case content selection and thinking of United States localization focus and cross-sector integration analysis, Quot; American-style cross-border success “to stimulate more” American-style cross-border success “.